Your Oral Health during COVID19

Your Oral Health during COVID19

It seems like normal routines have gone out the window as many of us are working from home during the COVID outbreak and circuit breaker.  It’s important that we maintain a healthy and helpful routine to create a sense of normality for our mental and general health. Our mouth is no different, so now more than ever keeping our teeth and gums healthy is  super important! 

Our 4 Top tips for a healthy smile during COVID19

Please remember to wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER your dental routine. This will reduce the risk of pathogens transmitted, either to you or by you.

  1. Brush twice daily for a minimum of 2 minutes: It’s super important to brush your teeth and your gums. Please remember that bleeding gums means there is active gum disease present and is a sign that your gums need more attention during your home routine. If you have sore, bleeding gums that don’t resolve with daily thorough brushing and flossing please don’t hesitate to have a tele-health call with one of our dental providers. 
  2. Floss daily: Nope, not even during a pandemic can you avoid flossing daily. When flossing, remember to reach underneath your gum; this cleans to the tooth surface that lies about 1-3mm beneath the gum line which your toothbrush cannot reach.
  3. Clean your tongue: this can be done after flossing and brushing with your toothbrush or a separate tongue cleaner. Cleaning your tongue will not only keep your breath fresher for longer but will only help reduce the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth. 
  4. Use a general mouthwash sparingly:  A few times a month it’s Ok to use a general mouthwash to help reduce the bacteria in your mouth. It’s important to remember that mouthwash cannot remove dental plaque and so it is relatively ineffective without the addition of brushing and flossing. If you have been prescribed a mouthwash by your dental professional please use it as they have instructed and if you have any concerns contact your provider. 

Expat Dental Doctors and Hygienists are available to provide you with confidential expert advice on your oral hygiene and any other concerns. We also offer video tele-conferences to allow you to chat in safety.

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