At six years of age changes start to occur which your dentist will monitor closely. The first wiggly tooth often distracts from the first adult molar coming into place. A panoramic X-ray will be taken at this age to confirm that dental development is progressing normally. Early orthodontic indicators can often be identified between six and nine years of age.

Unfortunately many children require dental treatment early on in life. At expatdental® our experienced Dentists aim to make these visits as easy as possible for you and your child regardless of the treatment required. Whether it is using distraction techniques or whilst they are comfortably watching a movie, we will look after them. We also offer sedation and general anaesthesia options where it is necessary. Their well being is our first priority.

How often should children visit the dentist?

As for adults, all children should visit the dentist every six months. This will allow the child to become accustomed to a regular dental routine where they can be educated about taking responsibility for their dental health and the dental professional can monitor any changes or concerns.

Should baby teeth be flossed?

Yes. Like adult teeth, baby teeth can often be positioned close to one another causing plaque accumulation in between which can lead to cavities. It is also beneficial to introduce flossing habits early on and encourage it to become a habit.

What will the dentist do when I take my two year old for their first visit?

At two years of age many baby teeth are already present. Your Dentist will gently try to have a look at all of these teeth and make sure there is no early reason for concern. It will also be an opportunity to answer any question you as a parent may have regarding dietary and oral hygiene habits. Your Dentist will also take some time to introduce your toddler to a few of the components of the dental chair.

What are sealants?

Your Dentist may recommend sealants at any point of your child’s dental development. Sealants are a non-invasive method to protect teeth which may be prone to cavity formation. This can be due to poor enamel quality or deep grooves on teeth. Several material options are available and your Dentist will select the correct option for the particular scenario.

Why does my child need dental X-rays?

X-rays allows your dentist to see areas between teeth or within the jaw bone which otherwise can not be assessed. There are key stages where X-rays are indicated to monitor dental development and assess the need for intervention both orthodontically or restoratively. Failure to assess these areas may lead to irreparable damage.

Can I eat after having a filling done?

Yes. As soon as your dental visit is over, the filling is ready to be used as normal, however care needs to be taken with any remaining numbness. Be careful not to bite your lips or cheeks and always make sure that any food or beverages are not too warm.

Can I get my school’s colors on my sports guard?

We carry all of the local schools colors. We will try our best to make it customized for you!

What do I do if my child’s tooth in hit and knocked all the way out?

First, try your best to calm down. Find the tooth, and any pieces of it. If you have saline, place it in saline. If your child is old enough to understand, have them put it in their check to keep it in it’s most natural environment. Last resort, put it in some milk. Do not wash the tooth or scrub it at all; you could damage the fibers on the root of the tooth. Call our After Hours phone number 9833 8706.

When should I start bringing my child in for an orthodontic evaluation?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, a child should have their first evaluation no later than age 7. Even though at that age kids still have many baby teeth, certain permanent teeth should have come through already. An orthodontist can begin to detect problems such as crowding, or bite issues that can interfere with the child’s growth and development.

At what age should I start bringing my child to see the dentist?

Children's Dental care helps your child develop good oral habits from an early age. We recommended children begin visiting the dentist at the age of 2.

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