Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy

Help relieve the pain and stop the infection

Root canal treatment is a type of ‘endodontic’ treatment. That is a type of dental treatment  that deals with the “inside of the tooth”; the dental pulp, the tooth’s root, nerves and surrounding tissue. Root canal treatment involves saving your tooth by removing the tissue and nerves from the dental pulp in your tooth. If it becomes infected or sensitive, it can be removed with a root canal treatment. 

The main reasons for the pulp to become infected or inflamed are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Deep cracks in the tooth
  • Trauma to the tooth. (e.g. from an accident)
  • Deep restorations


Root canals used to have a reputation for being painful and complicated. This is not a problem with technological advances and anesthetic. Our dentists ensure that  your comfort is their priority and any treatments will be pain free and timely.


Your dentist will determine if you need root canal treatment after a thorough examination. Symptoms you might notice which point to a pulp infection are discomfort and pain in and around the tooth and gums, sensitivity to hot or cold temperature, and swelling of the gums or face.

Your dentist will ensure that you are numb for this procedure so you can have a comfortable, painless experience. If needed we can top up any numbing agents throughout the procedure.

The treatment time depends on the number of canals and complexity of the tooth receiving this treatment and generally takes about one to two hours.


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