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Sometimes, people need to have a tooth pulled out. This is called a tooth extraction. This tooth extraction is usually done by a dentist or an oral surgeon. There are various reasons why you might need to have a tooth pulled.  You might need to have a tooth pulled out if you have:


If you need a tooth extraction our dentist will usually give you a local anaesthetic to numb your mouth and you won’t feel any pain. Our dentist will then use a special tool to loosen the tooth in the gum. Once the tooth is loose, they will remove it with forceps.


If your tooth extraction is more complicated, you might need to be given a general anesthetic, where you will go to sleep. You may also be referred to an oral surgeon if the case is complicated.

After your tooth has been removed, your dentist will probably need to make sure the gum socket is clean. If you needed a cut in the gum during tooth removal, you might need a stitch to close the cut.

You might have some bleeding and if so, the dentist will usually ask you to bite down on a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding.

Once the anaesthetic wears off, you will probably have some pain. Your dentist might give you pain relief medication or recommend an over-the-counter medicine.

We usually advise patients to eat soft foods and chew on the unaffected side of your mouth for a while after the tooth extraction. Be careful not to bite your lip when it is numb. You should rest and avoid physical sports, smoking and drinking alcohol for the next day or so.

Usually, the wound will take 1 or 2 weeks to heal. However, contact your dentist if you have ongoing pain, swelling or fever.

Ask the dentist to explain any alternatives to tooth extraction and what their benefits and risks are.

Tooth extractions are very common and usually very simple. Sometimes complications may occur and include excessive bleeding or a condition called ‘alveolar osteitis’ (dry socket). However, our dentist will explain all this to you and be able to remedy the situation if it occurs.


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