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You do your part, we'll do ours.

At expatdental® we stand behind our quality and workmanship. Our goal is to provide you with the best materials and services, and to do our best to ensure they last as long as possible. Expatdental®’s dental warranty will give you the peace of mind and confidence to know that your teeth are protected.
The long term success of our dental treatment is not only dependent on our work, but also on your self care regime. How you care for your teeth, your diet and your regular re-care schedule all play a major role in the success of your dental restorations. If you do your part, we will do ours.

How our warranty works

Our warranty to you
  • We will repair or replace the restorative dental treatment with a similar material and restoration.
  • The warranty applies if the restorative dental treatment breaks, loosens, cracks or dislodges under “normal conditions” where your teeth and mouth are being used/treated as intended.
Specific treatment warranties
  • Dental Bonding & Fillings: 2 years
  • Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays and Porcelain Veneers: 5 years

Dental Treatment Warranty

Expatdental® offers a dental warranty for your peace of mind. Our warranty is most effective for those patients who participate in their dental health by following our recommendations for treatment and regular re-care visits. Expatdental®’s warranty coverage is outlined below.

Expatdental®’s warranty provides coverage if you satisfy all of the following minimum warranty requirements:

  • Return for re-care visits as prescribed by your treating hygienist or dentist, not more than fifteen (15) days past your re-care due date (please note these can be at intervals of anywhere from 1-6 months as prescribed by your hygienist or dentist, but never exceed 6 months between appointments);
  • Ensure you are practicing good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing twice daily) and are caring for your teeth and gums properly and as recommended by your hygienist or dentist;
  • Follow all care recommendations made by your hygienist and dentist from the day the original work is completed and thereafter;
  • Follow all recommendations from your hygienist and dentist regarding destructive habits such as clenching and grinding, which may fracture your teeth;
  • Properly and regularly use all dental devices prescribed by your dentist and hygienist (i.e. night guards and orthodontic appliances, etc.);
  • At the time your original treatment is performed, inform your hygienist or dentist of any medical conditions or lifestyle choices that could affect the dental treatment (i.e. smoking, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.);
  • Treat your original restoration with care and ensure you are not partaking in any risky or negligent behaviour (i.e. chewing on things you should not, using your restoration to bite/tear into inedible objects, hard foods, etc.);
  • All original dental treatment and restorations must have been completed FULLY by expatdental® and cannot be altered or adjusted by you or any third party (including other dental professionals); and
  • Keep your account in good standing with our office.

If the minimum warranty requirements are met, your materials and services are warranted as set forth below:

Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays and Porcelain Veneers

Warranty Period: 5 years

Warranty Coverage:

  • Replacement or repair of fractured restoration
  • Replacement or repair of defective material
  • Replacement or repair due to defective workmanship*

Composite Bonding or Fillings

Warranty Period: 2 years

Warranty Coverage:

  • Repair or replace defective material
  • Repair or replace defective workmanship*

*Defective workmanship shall be determined at the dentist’s sole discretion.

GENERAL EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover damage to sealants or damage to teeth or prosthesis caused by accidents, trauma,
negligence or improper use (for example: grinding, clenching, chewing ice, or biting non-food items). This warranty also does not cover recurrence of decay, which can be prevented by proper home care, having your teeth cleaned regularly, or using prescribed anti-decay products. Treatments originally completed by a third party, including another dentist or clinic (even if that dentist works at expatdental® now), are excluded from coverage under this warranty. Treatments that have been adjusted or altered by a third party, including another dentist or clinic (even if that dentist works at expatdental®now), are excluded from coverage. If you were warned by your dentist at the time of the original treatment that your restoration/treatment would not last, then it will not be covered by this warranty. The repair of a broken or fractured natural tooth which is supporting a restoration is not included in this warranty, nor is a different type of restoration because the damaged one cannot be replaced or redone. Other incidental or consequential expenses associated with your appointments (or associated with the attendance of your appointments) are not covered by this warranty. The new restoration’s upkeep and maintenance over its lifespan is excluded from this warranty. Finally, we reserve the right to deem the warranty null and void if the damage is caused by unforeseen circumstances which we deem to be outside the control of our dentists, hygienists and dental team.

WARRANTY PROCEDURE: To make a claim under this Warranty, simply indicate your desire to make a warranty claim when you schedule your in-office appointment. When scheduling your appointment, state the nature of the problem. At the time of your visit, the dentist will determine whether or not the issue you identified is covered under this warranty and will advise you of the same. If your claim is covered, the repair or replacement will either be performed immediately, or scheduled for a more appropriate day and time. In the event that a prosthetic needs to be replaced, please allow adequate time for a replacement to be made and delivered.


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