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Dental Checkup

An essential part of taking care of your general health

At expatdental® we recommend that you have an appointment every 6 months so that a dentist can examine your teeth. Regular dental visits for the whole family are an essential part of taking care of your general health. Our dentists will check your teeth, bite, and gums as well as do routine screening for oral cancers. Regular dental examinations make you aware of any potential problems before they become major issues, and are part of our holistic approach to your overall health.


At expatdental®, our focus is to achieve a healthy mouth and smile with your comfort and safety as the highest priority. We aim to provide a positive experience for adults and children when visiting either of our clinics without any judgement or scolding.

We recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush. Hard toothbrushes can do extensive damage to the tooth and gum surface. Together with flossing, a gentle circular brushing motion along the gum line, and on the tooth surface is all that is required to remove plaque.

Each patient’s needs are different. The hygienist and dentist will determine what your treatment needs are. In a well-maintained, healthy mouth, 6-month infection-control cleanings are standard. Some patients will require a shortened interval.

Bleeding gums may occur when you floss because your gums are inflamed or swollen or irritated from a build up of plaque. This is called ‘gingivitis’. The best remedy for gingivitis is to keep flossing daily!

Flossing is required twice a day to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Plaque accumulation between your teeth can not be removed in any other way. Gently slipping the floss between your teeth and stroking all the way down the tooth to just below the gum level allows us to loosen the plaque film which can then further be disrupted while we brush. Make sure to floss behind your furthest back tooth as this area is often missed.

During an oral examination our dentist and hygienist will check the condition of your mouth, looking for white patches, red patches, or sores in the tissue. They will also check your throat and neck for any lumps.

If it has been present for two weeks or longer.

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Our dental team comes from the US, UK, Canada and Singapore, and have served more than 11,000 patients!

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