smilogy clear aligners

Aligners can cost less and be more convenient.​

About Clear Aligners
Achieve a straighter smile without the hassle of braces.

expatdental® offers  smilogy clear aligners to help straighten your smile. Clear aligners are an orthodontic alternative to traditional braces, and can be used for both teens and adults.

Aligners are clear plastic trays that help teeth move into a new position by gently and gradually applying pressure. They can fix gaps, crowding, crookedness or issues you may have with your bite.

Clear aligners can be just as effective as traditional braces, but aligners have many benefits over conventional braces.

Many of our patients choose clear aligners for one or all of the following reasons:

  • Appearance – Aligners are less noticeable
  • Convenience – Easily pop your aligners in and out when needed
  • Foods – No foods are off-limits like traditional braces
  • Oral hygiene – Brush and floss normally
  • Comfort – In general, aligners can be more comfortable given the material and design

Your aligners will be custom-fit to your mouth, which means they will fit snugly but not too tight. Aligners only work if you wear them – so you’ll need to wear them around 20+ hours per day, but you can take them out to eat as well as when you brush and floss.

Most smiles can be improved between 6-18 months, but this will depend on your specific smile and alignment goals. During your virtual check-ins, our dentist will ensure your smile is on the right track. Like braces, clear aligners move the position of your teeth gradually by putting pressure on certain parts of your smile. Every week or two, you’ll get a new set of slightly different aligners that will help continue to gradually move the position of your teeth. After our dentist says your treatment is finished, you’ll need to wear a retainer when you sleep to maintain the position of your smile.

Why Choose smilogy®
It's not just about cost. It's about convenience.

Smilogy has done something special – they’ve given you the same great clear aligners, but have reduced your amount of dental visits. This is done by using their at-home dental monitoring technology that helps your dentist review and adjust your plan virtually. And less visits to the dentist means less cost and more savings for you!

DentalMonitoring – smilogy’s app that helps you monitor your treatment progress and allows you to communicate directly with your dentist.

ScanBox pro – Our dental device that helps you take accurate photos of your smile with your mobile phone.

How It Works
Invisible aligners made easy.

1. Orthodontic consultation

Start your smile journey with a 3D scan at our office. Discuss your goals and concerns about your smile with our dentist. If our dentist thinks clear aligners are the best treatment, you can get scanned immediately for your custom-fit aligners.


2. Your smile plan

Review your treatment plan and visualize your new smile. Before we create your aligners, our dentist will share a preview of your transformed smile to help you visualize what you’re going to look like. We will also give you a timeframe within which your smile is likely to be achieved. Once you’re happy with that plan, we’ll get started on creating your smilogy aligners.


3. Get your smile pack

You’ll receive your clear aligners directly at home! We’ll send your aligners to your house as well as everything you need for care and monitoring. What’s included:

  • Aligners
  • DentalMonitoring & ScanBox pro
  • Aligner case
  • Aligner removal tool
  • Aligner seating chewies
  • Cleansing gel and brush
  • Care and user instructions


4. Monitoring and Check-in

Use smilogy’s technology to monitor your progress and check in with your dentist. Smilogy’s DentalMonitoring app will notify you when it's time to take a scan. Take photos of your smile using the ScanBox pro (at the frequency your dentist recommends) and send them in through the app. Your dentist will review your photos and send you guidance on your treatment via the app. You will also have in-person appointments, but far less than with other products.

Once you and are dentist are happy with your smile, we'll get you scanned for your custom retainer that you'll wear at night. This will help you keep your smile looking great!

Plans start at $3,900

Lite Aligner Plan

Up to 10 aligner trays
  • Full Orthodontic consultation
  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • Personalized virtual dental monitor
  • In clinic or remote check-ins
  • A retainer for when you’ve finished treatment

Standard Aligner Plan

Up to 25 aligner trays
  • Full Orthodontic consultation
  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • Personalized virtual dental monitor
  • In clinic or remote check-ins
  • A retainer for when you’ve finished treatment

Ultimate Aligner Plan

Unlimited aligner trays (up to 2 years)
  • Full Orthodontic consultation
  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • Personalized virtual dental monitor
  • In clinic or remote check-ins
  • A retainer for when you’ve finished treatment
Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do you have?

Since you’ll be wearing your aligners for the majority of your day, it’s important to care for them properly. Here are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to aligners:

What you should do:

  • Wear your aligners 20-22 hours per day
  • Clean aligners with warm, soapy water before putting them back in your mouth
  • Soak your aligners once a week in cleansing tablets made for retainers, nightguards and/or dentures
  • Put your aligners in their protective case while they are out of your mouth. This not only helps protects them, but it also helps you from losing them!

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t eat while your aligners are in
  • Never put your aligners in a dishwasher
  • Don’t use toothpaste or mouthwash to clean your aligners
  • Don’t drink colorful drinks while your aligners are in

You will need to have a consultation with our dentist before we can assess if clear sligners are right for you. If they are not right for your alignment goals, then we can discuss your other options.

On average, you can expect your treatment to last 6-18 months for straightforward alignment cases. This time will vary from patient to patient and will be discussed this with you during the planning stage.

One way we can reduce the cost of orthodontics is by reducing the amount of dental appointments. By using our DentalMonitoring app, you can complete most of your treatment virtually, which saves you both time and money. 

Yes! Since you can pop them in and out, it makes them an easy orthodontic treatment option. It also allows for seamless brushing and flossing. Like all braces, “invisible braces” may feel a little tight at first, but will get more comfortable as your teeth start to move. Every week or two, you’ll get a new set of aligners and repeat that process until your treatment is finished.

Aligners only work if you wear them! We recommend keeping your aligners in unless you’re eating or during your dental hygiene routine. This ends up being about 20+ hours a day.

Yes! This is the easiest way to wear your aligners – as you sleep, let them do all the hard work!

This is one of the biggest advantages of clear aligners since you can pop them in and out. Unlike traditional braces that might prevent you from eating certain foods, your diet can remain the same. The only thing you need to watch out for is colorful drinks that might stain your aligners.

When moving your teeth, you should alway expect some slight discomfort. This is usually minimal and eases in a few days. However, another advantage of clear aligners is that they are smooth and take the same shape of your teeth – this is not always the case when it comes to treatments like metal braces.

Gently wash the aligners with soap and water before you put them back in your mouth. Once a week, you can deep clean them by using cleansing tablets made for retainers, nightguards and/or dentures. Please remember to never put aligners in the dishwasher – they’ll melt!

Yes. Most orthodontic treatments will require you to maintain your smile and the position of your teeth by wearing a nightly retainer. Like your clear aligners, you will get used to your retainer quickly and come to appreciate how it maintains your new smile!

Book an appointment online, through WhatsApp or over the phone. We will schedule your consultation at your earliest convenience, and then you’ll be on your road to a new smile!

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