Caring for Your Night & Mouth Guard

Caring for Your Night & Mouth Guard​
How it works
It’s important that you care for your night and mouth guard properly so you can get the most out of your dental appliance.
1. Rinse immediately after Wearing

Rinse your night/mouth guard with water as soon as you remove it from your mouth. This will remove debris and loosen any plaque

2. Brush with a soft tooth brush

Lightly brush your night/mouth guard with your tooth brush.

If you would like to clean it daily, you can use a designated tooth brush and some dish soap during this step.

3. Put it on a clean surface and allow it to dry completely

Before storing, make sure you night/mouth guard dries completely. This reduces bacteria growth before storing.

4. Always store your night guard in a case

Be careful not to store your night/mouth guard where there is extreme temperature change. Over time the steam and humidity can warp your guard, so it’s important to keep it in a case. A case also helps you from losing track of your night/mouth guard. If they are clear, they can be easy to lose!

5. Deep clean your night guard and case regularly

Deep clean your night/mouth guard as least once a week. This can be done several ways, but we recommend using an over-the-counter nonabrasive denture cleaner. These work by placing your night guard in a glass with water and allowing the cleaner to dissolve completely.

You should also clean your case with soap and water and let dry completely. 


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