Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Our investment for your comfort

expatdental® offers in-house dental technology at all of its clinics. From imaging machines to dental scanners, this technology helps eliminate things like dental impressions/molds and provides better imagery so you can see what’s happening in real-time. Our goal is to always make your experience as effective and comfortable as possible.

3 Shape Intra-Oral Scanner


Intraoral dental 3D scanners allow you to skip the gooey impressions and get a fast, accurate understanding of your teeth and bite. The scanner goes directly into your mouth to capture 3D accuracy of the entire dentition in high resolution. A major benefit is that the scans can be processed immediately and will allow you and the dentist to discuss the hard and soft tissue as well as monitor oral diseases and conditions.

3D Printer - NextDent 5100

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For many dental treatments, we need a model of your teeth and bite. Manual model-making and/or sending it to a lab is time consuming. Having an in-house 3D printer allows us to make fast and accurate models so we can give you a better service. How does it work? Our dentist will scan your mouth with our 3 Shape Intra-Oral Scanner to get a 3D image of the teeth and gums. After we have the digital scan of your teeth, we can use software to digitally design any tooth repair, orthodontic appliance, crowns, bridges, caps, dentures and much more. 3D printers can also be used to print the drill guides needed to complete certain dental procedures.

3D Cone Beam CT


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) are used to capture your bone structure through a 360-degree pendular movement of a cone beam, and then the images are reconstructed using the Feldkamp algorithm to produce 3D images. Unlike traditional medical CT scans, the CBCT effective radiation dose is significantly less (about 150 to 200 times less radiation).

Soprolife Intra-oral Camera and Caries Detector

SOPROLIFE is an easy to use diagnostic camera that allows us and you to see what was once invisible. The camera provides clear and crisp images that can be magnified so we are able to identify and discuss issues together. This is particularly useful in detecting tooth decay and infected tissue. And since it’s a camera, you are not exposed to ionizing radiation.

Microscope for Dental Surgery


Our LEICA M320 for dentistry enhances our dentist’s vision so they can deliver a better treatment. A full High Definition (HD) camera is also integrated into the microscope so we can share visual information  with you.


VELscope is an enhanced oral assessment system. It is a wireless handheld device that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance our ability to detect abnormalities, including oral cancer, in the mouth that are often invisible to the naked eye. 


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