How important is choosing a great Dentist?

How important is choosing a great Dentist?

It’s important to choose a great dentist before you’re in pain. It seems obvious that it is important to have a dental practice you can trust caring for you and your family. Yet many people wait until they have pain before investigating a dentist. Don’t wait! Here are some tips to help you find the right dentist for you and your family.

  • Your dentist should take a holistic approach to your oral health and have a long-term view on the care that they provide. You should be able to receive oral cancer screening and information on prevention of problems before they occur. Dental hygienists can also help educate family members about maintenance of a healthy mouth and provide tips and hygiene strategies.
  • Your dentist and hygienist should be able to tell you about new developments and emerging research in dental care technology and how they relate to your overall health and wellbeing. They should care for the total person not just your mouth. It is comforting to know that staff are undertaking ongoing training and learning in their field.
  • Your dental care practice should remind you when you need to come in for a check-up or clean. Regular check-ups can help reduce anxiety about small problems when they do crop up. When it comes to children knowing how your baby or child’s teeth are erupting means that you can plan for restorative or corrective treatments in the future.
  • It is ideal if your dental practice has dental surgeons who specialise or are experienced with your particular problem. Dental surgeons with experience in paediatric dentistry or orthodontics, sleep problems or implantology for example are invaluable to the patients to ensure they have a specialised personal care plan.
  • Your dental practice should present you with a clear and specific plan when restorative treatment is required. They should be able to help you with the payment and insurance process.
  • Lastly and perhaps most importantly you should be able to know who to call when you have an emergency. A dentist who knows you and your family will be able to check x-rays and treat your emergency problems more quickly. This will reduce anxiety and the length of time you are waiting or in pain. It is about peace of mind knowing that there will be a well-trained team of professionals who can assist for the unplanned dental moments.

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