Look after your pearly whites this Holiday Season

Look after your pearly whites this Holiday Season

At holiday time it is easy for children to let their oral care routines slip. It is important to maintain your daily brushing and flossing routine. Here are our top tips for better family oral care at this time of year.

  1. Be mindful of how much sugar you and the children are eating. Most holiday food treats have high levels of sugar and acid.
  2. Feed cheese to children and adults as a snack. It helps to restore the PH balance in your mouth.
  3. If your children have advent calendars, try to choose one without candy or chocolate as the daily surprise.
  4. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary soft drinks. There is lots of acid in prosecco and other alcoholic drinks too!
  5. Use your teeth as nature intended and don’t open presents and packages with your teeth!

Holiday time should be a relaxing time, but that doesn’t mean we should relax our oral care routine. Take care of your teeth and schedule regular checkups and cleaning appointments. Contact us if you have any questions. Happy Holidays!

Share this video with your children to remind them to brush their teeth!

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