The Dental Scoop in Singapore

The Dental Scoop in Singapore

by Dr. Gail Willow

Landing gear down…you have arrived in Singapore!

This ultramodern city has pretty much anything you would need, including excellent dental care. Singapore is very cosmopolitan; it has a large expat population from all over the world. All of us want the same level of great dental care we received from our doctor “back home”. You will find it in Singapore.

There are a few clinics who strive to meet the quality and service demands for patients from other countries, Expat Dental is one of them. Working at Expat Dental has given me the opportunity to take care of my patients in the same way I would take care of them in my home country, the United States. In fact, all of the dentists and hygienists are trained in the US, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom. We use the same materials and techniques we were trained with. The same ones you are used to. Our clinic is highly modern, with the latest in technologies and dental materials.

You may only be in Singapore for a few years, but you need continuity of dental care. For this reason, we use dental systems and techniques that are recognized by leading practices around the world. For example, what if your child needs to start their orthodontic treatment? Our orthodontists, who are trained in the US, will use a braces system which is internationally recognized. If your child needs to finish their orthodontic treatment back in your home country, it will make it easier. This will be the same for any implants we may place for you, and any type of restorative or cosmetic treatment you may receive.

We offer a full range of services. Our diagnostic services include digital imaging and intraoral cameras, so that you can see what the dentist sees when we are looking at your teeth. We do all aspects of modern fillings and crowns to provide a beautiful smile, with good long term results. We have a cosmetic department which includes in office teeth whitening, veneers and facial aesthetics with injectables and dermal fillers. With dedicated Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists on staff, we can make sure you are treated in a thorough manner.

Most expats are very busy people. Whether it’s long travel/hours for work or making sure the family is being taken care of properly, the days are tightly packed. You will find many businesses in Singapore will have Saturday hours, and we do to. It is a service for our patients, just as we have an emergency number if you are having a dental issue after hours.

I have been in Singapore three years now. It is a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy this part of the world. Having had a private practice in New Mexico for many years, I am glad to say, I can work in the exact same manner as I practiced in the US. I am still able to enhance my skills by taking more studies both in Singapore and in the US. Already having a degree in Spanish, I am now in the process of studying French. We can always learn in many different ways.

We welcome you to Singapore!

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