Playing sports is an important part of a child’s life. Having good oral-facial protection is an important part of playing a sport. The staff at expatdental® is trained in making properly fitted protective sports mouth guards for children and adults. We also are trained in taking care of patients who have had an accident and received any trauma to the teeth, face and jaws. Having an After Hours phone number allows our patients to get in touch with us right away, so that we may take care of an emergency that might happen at any time.

Can I get my school’s colors on my sports guard?

We carry all of the local schools colors. We will try our best to make it customized for you!

Is it true that a sports mouth guard can protect me from a concussion?

Recent research shows that American football players who wore the thinner over the counter sports mouth guards had twice as many concussions as their counterparts wearing the thicker professionally made guards.

What do I do if my child’s tooth in hit and knocked all the way out?

First, try your best to calm down. Find the tooth, and any pieces of it. If you have saline, place it in saline. If your child is old enough to understand, have them put it in their check to keep it in it’s most natural environment. Last resort, put it in some milk. Do not wash the tooth or scrub it at all; you could damage the fibers on the root of the tooth. Call our After Hours phone number 9833 8706.

Why do I need a sports mouth guard?

A protective mouth guard, does just that, it help to protect you from damage to your teeth, lips, jaws, and jaw joints should you receive a strong blow to your face. Research also shows it can help to minimized possible concussion trauma.

Do I need to go to the dentist to get a sports mouth guard or can I get one over the counter?

Research shows that professionally made and fitted sports mouth guards are much more effective in preventing sports injuries.

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