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Partnership opportunities

After securing proof of concept in Singapore, Expat Dental is looking to expand its operations across Southeast Asia. To do this, Expat Dental is offering three types of partnership opportunities for joining the Expat Dental Group Network.

Tier 1

Wholly owned Expat Dental locations to be acquired through purchase of, or merger with, existing clinics.

Tier 2

Expat Dental franchisee opportunities which will allow dental groups or practitioners to operate clinics under the Expat Dental brand.

Tier 3

Partner Member opportunities which allow existing clinics affiliated with Expat Dental to use our proprietary information and services to run more effectively and efficiently while maintaining their own branding.

Benefits of Joining the Expat Dental Network

We recognise that long-term, successful partnerships require top level alignment, mutually beneficial terms and professional, intellectual and financial satisfaction. With these requirements in mind, Expat Dental's business model ensures that its partners receive the following benefits.

Realize the equity you have created in your business

Share in the financial reward as your practice continues to grow

Focus on dentistry with access to a comprehensive range of support services

Facilitate collaborative relationships with industry leaders

Access to a professional development platform

Retention of clinical independence

Access to group purchasing power

Services Offered

Expat Dental offers a full line of practice management services, systems and infrastructure, all of which are intentionally designed to be fully scalable and geographically adaptable.

HR services, including talent recruitment and retention

Best Practice Assurance structures (quality control)

Bespoke practice management software

Comprehensive operations and employee management manual

Remote management services including accounting, document retention and equipment purchasing

Marketing services designed specifically for your location and target patient base

High level team member oversight, including CEO, CDO, CFO, COO, legal counsel and DSO Board of Advisors.

Ten Steps to Joining

Joining the Expat Dental Group’s International Network involves ten steps.

  1. 1 Introductory meeting (know, trust, like).
  2. 2 Initial assessment and exchange of information & proposed service offerings.
  3. 3 Site visit and initial evaluation by an Expat Dental Group Director.
  4. 4 Financial, operational & legal due diligence.
  5. 5 Value proposition and commercial term verbal agreement.
  6. 6 Creation and signing of Heads of Agreement (mutual agreement/understanding of strategic plan, process, expectations & key commercial terms).
  7. 7 Binding legal documentation prepared and signed.
  8. 8 Pre-settlement planning sessions (transition and integration steps).
  9. 9 Visit and evaluation by Practice Operations Coordinator.
  10. 10 Financial settlement and post-settlement support (Induction workshop and introduction to your practice consultant).

We welcome all partnership inquiries