Stress, Exercise & Sleep during COVID19

Stress, Exercise & Sleep during COVID19

Dental professionals are airway advocates! We see first hand what poor sleep and breathing habits can do to people’s dental and general health, from broken teeth, gum disease, tooth decay to hypertension and anxiety. Breathing, sleeping and stress management are all key elements thought to be vital in reducing dental diseases and improving overall health.

Here are some key points to remember. 

  • Our nose is for breathing and our mouth is for speaking. 
  • Diaphragm breathing through the nose helps to calm your whole body. When you take a deep breath IN you initiate your sympathetic nervous system and when you release and elongate your breath OUT you initiate your parasympathetic nervous system – meaning that extra long out breath is what will help calm your nerves and reduce stress on a cellular level. 
  • Nasal breathing is very important for overall health and in reducing stress – both mentally and physically. It helps in the general optimal functioning of your body. Why? Because our nasal cavity has some amazing filtration systems in place to filter out particles and humidify the air you take in. During this process it also filters through the adenoids and tonsils to continue purifying each breath – when you breathe through your mouth, this air purification process is bypassed. 
  • Most importantly, nasal breathing helps produce nitric oxide for our body – this is imperative for heart, blood vessel and brain health.
  • Starting with mindfulness and conscious practice of nasal breathing is a great way to begin to strengthen your immune system, overall health, reduce stress and may reduce dental diseases. If you are unable to breath through your nose or suffer from snoring, it’s worth a discussion with your dental professional or general practitioner for further investigation. 
  • Often when breathing becomes more functional there can be an improvement in sleep quality and quantity. 
  • Try to find something that gives you peace in this time of chaos. Getting outside  to take in some fresh air and move your body will help to keep your body and mind healthy, it doesn’t have to be a 5km jog or HIIT training. It can be as simple and playing around, throwing a ball with your kids or walking at an increased pace – anything to get your blood pumping and body moving! Your body and mind will thank you for it!

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