Top Tips for holiday oral care for your family

12th of August, 2018

It’s great to relax on holidays with your family but don’t let the oral care routines slip. Here are our top tips for keeping your teeth in top shape this summer. 1. Be mindful of how much sugar you and the children are eating….

Some not-so-obvious causes of Poor Oral Health

8th of August, 2017

We all know eating sugar is detrimental to oral health, but there are several other things that can adversely affect your dental health. Carbohydrates and Acid Excessively sugary drinks and candy are the traditional villains in the fight against tooth decay, yet virtually all…

Aesthetic treatments add confidence to a beautiful smile.

6th of June, 2017

Dr Mona Board There is no doubt that going to the dentist for regular treatment is vital for people of all ages for their health and wellbeing. Aesthetic Dentistry is a term that commonly refers to procedures that can help enhance the  appearance of your teeth and smile; however aesthetic…

Tooth Whitening Demystified

10th of May, 2017

There are many myths and rumours surrounding tooth whitening treatments. Clarifying the various options can help make it easier to decide which treatment is right for you. ‘In-chair’ or ‘in office’ whitening involves a dental professional placing a protective barrier on your gums, then…

Oral Care for Expectant Moms

10th of May, 2017

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents and good medical care is vital to the overall health of moms and their babies. While expectant mothers frequently visit their physician, they often overlook their oral health. Dental problems are best prevented with regular checkups and…